Well it is time to adventure through our first book together, “Water for Elephant”, authored by Sara Gruen.  This novel, which was hailed by Entertainment Weekly, as  a book that “Has a ringmaster’s crowd-pleasing pace.”  finds us following the main character, Jacob Jankowski  who is either ninety or ninety-three, he no longer remembers, through his reminiscing of his twenty-third year, where is his only ten days from being a member of the graduating class of Cornell 1931 .  It is his dream to graduate and come alongside his father at his veterinary practice, but due to an unforeseen tragic accident in which both his parents are killed, he finds himself not only an orphan but also homeless.  This is where we find him making his way into the life of the circus and all that being a part of that life holds. 

Please join us this month  in Jacob’s adventure as we delve into the pages of his journey. If you are unable to attend our meetings, please feel free to share your thoughts and perspectives with us here. 

Date of next meeting: Wednesday, July 27, 2011 at 7 pm at Martins cafe on Monticello, upstairs dining area.

So turn the TV off, break out the book, and turn the page!

If you have any questions please contact me at theturnedpagebookclub@gmail.com or leave a message below.